Count the AutoCAD blocks as a Field

AutoCAD Field is a great tool for AutoCAD 2005 or later. Fields are a really nice addition that give you quick access to various types of information via TEXT, MTEXT or an Attribute.

AutoField provides some useful additional AutoCAD fields. Let’s see how to insert the count of the specific INSERT (block reference) as a Field. Then the text of the count will be updated automatically after the block references were deleted or added.

1. Use the Insert menu or right click to choose Insert ->Field.

2. Select “AF Block Count” in the left panel of the Field dialog.

3. Select the block name you want to count. You can select multiple blocks to count their block references.


4. Click OK to insert the field.

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A bit larger size but the settings are same

If you import Excel file into AutoCAD a bit larger size than other machines and the settings of AutoTable are the same as other machines, please check the DPI setting of your windows.

1. Open Appearance and Themes in Control Panel.
2. Open Display in Appearance and Themes.
3. On the Settings tab, click Advanced.
4. On the General tab of the new dialog, please set the DPI setting to Normal size (96 DPI).
5. Click Ok on both dialog.
6. After windows XP adjusts the DPI setting, please restart your computer.

This method is for Windows XP.

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Import the named range into AutoCAD

Generally AutoTable saves an A1-style reference (for example, $A$1) in AutoCAD when importing a selected range. But sometimes you need to import a named range into AutoCAD. Because the named range has many advantages in Excel.

Now let’s see how to import a named range into AutoCAD with AutoTable.

1. Click Create Table on the AutoTable toolbar. AutoTable starts Excel.

2. Open your workbook and select the named range.


3. Click Options on the AutoTable toolbar of Excel and select the "Other" tab.

4. Check Use Range Name and click OK.


5. Click Range Import on the AutoTable toolbar of Excel.

6. Then AutoTable will close Excel and import the named range into AutoCAD.

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