Link the Excel cell to AutoCAD Text

There are two ways to import the data of Excel into AutoCAD. If you want to import a whole worksheet or the selected range into AutoCAD with the formats in Excel, you can try AutoTable. It can import a whole worksheet or the selected range from Excel to AutoCAD perfectly. If you want the cells of Excel only (without the formats), it’s a more flexible way to link the cells of Excel into AutoCAD as a field. Field can exist in any Text, MText or Attribute. Let’s see how to do it with AutoField.

1. Use the Insert menu or right click to choose Insert ->Field.

2. Select “AF Excel Cell” in the left panel of the Field dialog.

3. Open an Excel file and select the cell you want to import.

4. Click “Get Active Cell” to get the active cell address.


5. If you want to use the relative path, please choose “Relative Path”.


6. Click OK to insert a field.

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