Export or Print the layer information

Many users of AutoCAD are looking for a way to export the layer information , i.e. name, color, description to Excel or Text. Then they can print those exported layer information. What’s the easiest way. You just need to open the Layer Manager dialog and select the layers you want to export ( or press Ctrl + A to select them all) and press Ctrl + C. Then you can open Excel or notepad and press Ctrl + V to paste the layer information.

Actually there is a very useful feature on Microsoft Windows. You can use Ctrl + C to copy the text in any message boxes. For example, you type something in notepad and close it.


You will receive the following message.


Currently if you press Ctrl + C, you will be able to copy the text on the message box and paste the text to Word or other text editors. It means you don’t need to type the messages manually to send those messages to the support of the applications while getting the error messages.

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