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Fully import Excel files into AutoCAD (LT) / MicroStation and keep them updated easily.
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AutoTable FAQ

AutoCAD Excel
MicroStation Excel
IntelliCAD Excel
Easily import Microsoft Word documents into AutoCAD (LT) / MicroStation and keep them updated.
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AutoWord FAQ
Easily export the table in AutoCAD (LT) / MicroStation to Excel and convert the table drawn with lines and text to the AutoCAD native table.
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TableBuilder FAQ

AutoCAD Edition
MicroStation Edition
Easily import Access database into AutoCAD and keep it updated.
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AutoDatabase FAQ
Add many efficient fields to AutoCAD (LT). You can import a specific cell of the Excel file or a text format file as a field. Also you can count block or calculate the area and length of multiple objects as a field.
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AutoField FAQ
 AutoScript (Freeware)
Run a set of commands to multiple drawings by simply specifying a script file and the list of drawings that you would like to apply the script to. It's compatible with AutoCAD 64-bit.
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How to place an order by Purchase Order (PO)?
How to place an order by FAX?

Order by Purchase Order (PO)

We choose share-it! for processing payments. share-it! is a leading provider of outsourced e-commerce services for software publishers. It is a service of Digital River, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRIV), a global leader in e-commerce outsourcing. share-it! processes orders and collects payments on behalf of Cadig Inc. The online ordering process is automated and secure. who is share-it!

share-it! also accepts purchase orders (PO) from established companies, corporations and most government agencies. You are required to submit your purchase order by fax or by postal mail. Once share-it! has received and reviewed the order for authenticity, they generate the order, and send us the notification for the order. We will fulfill the order within 48 hours upon receipt of the notification. Additionally, share-it! delivers, by postal mail as well as by e-mail, an Invoice to your company's accounts payable department as a reference for your payment.

If you would like to order by purchase order, please call share-it! customer service center firstly. Then submit your purchase order by fax or by postal mail.

United States
(Language: English)

9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344, USA
(Attn: A/R Department/Order)
Tel: +1.952.646.5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.)
+1.800.903.4152 (for calls from inside the U.S.)
Fax: +1.952.646.4552

(Languages: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)

share-it! - element 5 AG
Vogelsanger Strasse 78
50823 Cologne, Germany
(Attn: A/R Department/Order)
Tel: +49.221.31088.20
Fax: +49.221.31088.29

POs should be printed directly from your accounting system on company letterhead.
All POs must include the following information so that we can process your order:

  • Product name and product ID
  • Price per license (unit price)
  • Number of licenses (units)
  • Include your coupon code in your purchase order (if available)
  • The authorized signature.
  • The name to which the product should be licensed
  • Your company's billing address and, if applicable, a different delivery address
  • Contact name, phone number and fax number
  • The e-mail address for the order confirmation and invoice and, if different, the e-mail address for delivery
  • The currency you would like to order in (if applicable)
  • We accept payments in the following currencies:
    - US Dollar - Euro - Australian Dollar - Canadian Dollar
    - Japanese Yen - Pound Sterling - Swiss Franc  

If this information is complete, our customer service will be able to process your order without delay.

Product ID
AutoTable for AutoCAD (Stand-Alone License)
AutoTable for AutoCAD (Network License)
AutoTable for AutoCAD LT (Stand-Alone License)
AutoTable for AutoCAD LT (Network License)
AutoTable for MicroStation (Stand-Alone License)
AutoTable for MicroStation (Network License)
AutoTable for BricsCAD, progeCAD, ZWCAD
TableBuilder for AutoCAD (Stand-Alone License)
TableBuilder for AutoCAD (Network License)
TableBuilder for AutoCAD LT (Stand-Alone License)
TableBuilder for AutoCAD LT (Network License)
TableBuilder for MicroStation (Stand-Alone License)
TableBuilder for MicroStation (Network License)
TableBuilder for BricsCAD, progeCAD, ZWCAD
AutoTableDXF (Stand-Alone License)
AutoWord for AutoCAD (Stand-Alone License)
AutoWord for AutoCAD (Network License)
AutoWord for AutoCAD LT (Stand-Alone License)
AutoWord for AutoCAD LT (Network License)
AutoWord for MicroStation (Stand-Alone License)
AutoWord for MicroStation (Network License)
AutoField for AutoCAD
AutoField for AutoCAD LT

Please always mention the product ID(s) when contacting share-it! so that they can help you quickly and efficiently. Publisher: Cadig Inc., USA.

If you have questions about orders, payments, or shipment by share-it!,
you can find answers in Customer Care Center.

Order by Fax

We would like to remind you that the online ordering process is automated and secure. Consequently, orders placed online are processed more quickly than those submitted by fax. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we strongly recommend placing your order online.

We prefer that you type the information into the form online and then print it.

Step1. Click Buy button to open cart page and then click Checkout.
Step2. Click I prefer to order by fax at the bottom of the checkout page.

And then follow the instructions on the screen.

Customers in the United States and Canada please fax this form to our office in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, USA at: +1.952.646.4552.
Customers outside the United States please fax this form to our office in Germany at +49.221.31088.29.

After we receive your fax, we will process your order and you will receive a confirmation mail from us within 24 hours. In this e-mail you will receive a reference number for your order and detailed information regarding payment and shipping. Do not do anything until you have received this confirmation e-mail from us.

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